You can include specific Connection Server properties when you perform a silent installation or upgrade from the command line. You must use a PROPERTY=value format so that Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) can interpret the properties and values. A silent upgrade uses the same install commands.

Table 1. MSI Properties for Silently Installing Connection Server in a Standard Installation
MSI Property Description Default Value
INSTALLDIR The path and folder in which the Connection Server software is installed.

For example: INSTALLDIR=""D:\abc\my folder""

The sets of two double quotes that enclose the path permit the MSI installer to interpret the space as a valid part of the path.

%ProgramFiles%\VMware\VMware View\Server


The type of Horizon server installation:
  • 1. Standard installation
  • 2. Replica installation
  • 3. Security server installation
  • 5. Enrollment server installation

For example, to perform a standard installation, define VDM_SERVER_INSTANCE_TYPE=1

FWCHOICE The MSI property that determines whether to configure a firewall for the Connection Server instance.

A value of 1 configures a firewall. A value of 2 does not configure a firewall.

For example: FWCHOICE=1



The SID of the initial Horizon Administrators user or group that is authorized with full administration rights in Horizon.

The default value is the SID of the local Administrators group on the Connection Server computer. You can specify a SID of a domain user or group account.



The data recovery password. If a data recovery password is not set in Horizon LDAP, this property is mandatory.

The password must contain between 1 and 128 characters. Follow your organization's best practices for generating secure passwords.



The data recovery password reminder. This property is optional. None


Specifies the IP version that Horizon components use for communication. The possible values are IPv4 and IPv6. IPv4
VDM_FIPS_ENABLED Specifies whether to enable or disable FIPS mode. A value of 1 enables FIPS mode. A value of 0 disables FIPS mode. If this property is set to 1 and Windows is not in FIPS mode, the installer will abort. 0
HTMLACCESS Controls the HTML Access add-on installation. Set this property to 1 to configure HTML Access or omit the property if HTML Access is not needed. 1