To support Flash URL Redirection, your Horizon 7 deployment must meet certain software and hardware requirements.

Remote desktop
  • You install Flash URL Redirection by typing the VDM_FLASH_URL_REDIRECTION property on the command line during a silent installation of View Agent 6.0 or later or Horizon Agent 7.0 or later. See "Silent Installation Properties for Horizon Agent" in the Setting Up Virtual Desktops in Horizon 7 document.
  • The desktops must run Windows 7 64-bit or 32-bit operating systems.
  • Supported desktop browsers include Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10, Chrome 29.x, and Firefox 20.x.
Flash media player and ShockWave Flash (SWF)

You must integrate an appropriate Flash media player such as Strobe Media Playback into your Web site. To stream multicast content, you can use multicastplayer.swf or StrobeMediaPlayback.swf in your Web pages. To stream live unicast content, you must use StrobeMediaPlayback.swf. You can also use StrobeMediaPlayback.swf for other supported features such as RTMP streaming and HTTP dynamic streaming.

Horizon Client software

The following Horizon Client releases support multicast and unicast:

  • Horizon Client 2.2 for Linux or a later release
  • Horizon Client 2.2 for Windows or a later release

The following Horizon Client releases support multicast only (they do not support unicast):

  • Horizon Client 2.0 or 2.1 for Linux
  • Horizon Client 5.4 for Windows
Horizon Client computer or client access device
  • Flash URL Redirection is supported on all operating systems that run Horizon Client for Linux on x86 Thin client devices. This feature is not supported on ARM processors.
  • Flash URL Redirection is supported on all operating systems that run Horizon Client for Windows. For more information, see the VMware Horizon Client for Windows Installation and Setup Guide document.
  • On Windows client devices, you must install Adobe Flash Player 10.1 or later for Internet Explorer.
  • On Linux Thin client devices, you must install the and files. See Set Up Client Devices for Flash URL Redirection.
Note: With Flash URL Redirection, the multicast or unicast stream is redirected to client devices that might be outside your organization's firewall. Your clients must have access to the Adobe Web server that hosts the ShockWave Flash (SWF) file that initiates the multicast or unicast streaming. If needed, configure your firewall to open the appropriate ports to allow client devices to access this server.