If an upgrade fails, or if for some other reason, you must revert a virtual machine that hosts Connection Server to a snapshot, you must uninstall the other Connection Server instances in the group and recreate the replicated group.

If you revert one Connection Server virtual machine to a snapshot, the View LDAP objects in the database of that virtual machine are no longer consistent with the View LDAP objects in the databases of the other replicated instances. After you revert to a snapshot, the following event is logged in the Windows Event log, in the VMwareVDMDS Event log (Event ID 2103): The Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services database has been restored using an unsupported restoration procedure. The reverted virtual machine stops replicating its View LDAP.

If you find it necessary to revert to a snapshot, you must uninstall other Connection Server instances and uninstall the View LDAP on those virtual machines and then reinstall replica instances.


Determine which Connection Server instance is to be the new standard, or master, Connection Server. This Connection Server has the desired Horizon 7 configuration data.


  1. On all Connection Server instances except the one chosen to be the new standard Connection Server instance, uninstall Connection Server and the View LDAP instance.
    The View LDAP instance is called AD LDS Instance VMwareVDMDS.
  2. On the virtual machine that hosts the standard, or master, Connection Server instance, open a command prompt and enter the following command to ensure that replication is not disabled.
    repadmin /options localhost:389 -DISABLE_OUTBOUND_REPL -DISABLE_INBOUND_REPL
  3. On the virtual machines that are to host the replica Connection Server instances, run the Connection Server installer, select the View Replica Server installation option, and specify the host name or IP address of the standard Connection Server instance.


The replicated group of Connection Server instances is recreated and their View LDAP objects are consistent.