Because large enterprises must often perform phased upgrades, components are designed to be somewhat forward and backward compatible, at least during upgrades.

The following versions are supported for upgrading to Horizon 7 :

  • Latest maintenance release of Horizon View 5.3
  • Latest maintenance release of VMware Horizon 6.0 (with View)
  • Latest maintenance release of VMware Horizon 6 version 6.1
  • Latest maintenance release of VMware Horizon 6 version 6.2

To determine the latest maintenance release of a particular component, see the Release Notes for that release, available from

Horizon Connection Server compatibility with Horizon Agents is limited to interoperability during a Connection Server upgrade. You must upgrade Horizon Agents as soon as possible to match the version of the Connection Server that manages them.

The following table lists the components and show whether they are compatible with other components whose version is different.

Table 1. Compatibility Matrix for VMware Horizon 7 and Earlier Versions of View Components
Connection Server: Earlier Version Security Server: Earlier Version View Composer: Earlier Version View Agent: Earlier Version Horizon Client (Windows): Earlier Version
Connection Server 7.0 Only during upgrade Only if paired before upgrade No Only during upgrade Yes
Security Server 7.0 (PCoIP and RDP) No N/A No Only during upgrade Yes
View Composer 7.0 Only during upgrade Only during upgrade N/A Only during upgrade N/A
Horizon Agent 7.0 Only during upgrade (see the exception in the note following this table) No No N/A Only during upgrade
Horizon Client 4.0 Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A
Caution: During an upgrade, View Composer provisioning and maintenance operations are not supported. Operations such as provisioning and recomposing linked-clone desktops are not supported during the transitional period when any Horizon 7 servers are still running the earlier version. You can successfully perform these operations only when all instances of Connection Server and View Composer have been upgraded to the latest version.

For details about which versions of Horizon are compatible with which versions of vCenter Server and ESXi, see the VMware Product Interoperability Matrix at