You can quickly survey the status of virtual-machine desktops in your Horizon 7 deployment by using the Horizon Administrator dashboard. For example, you can display all disconnected virtual machines or virtual machines that are in maintenance mode.


Familiarize yourself with the virtual machine states. See Status of vCenter Server Virtual Machines.


  1. In Horizon Administrator, click Dashboard.
  2. In the Machine Status pane, expand a status folder.
    Option Description
    Preparing Lists the machine states while the virtual machine is being provisioned, deleted, or in maintenance mode.
    Problem Machines Lists the machine error states.
    Prepared for use Lists the machine states when the virtual machine is ready for use.
  3. Locate the machine status and click the hyperlinked number next to it.


The Machines page displays all virtual machines with the selected status.

What to do next

You can click a machine name to see details about the virtual machine or click the Horizon Administrator back arrow to return to the dashboard page.