The desktop UI group policy settings control Horizon Persona Management settings that users see on their desktops.

All these settings are in the Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > VMware View Agent Configuration > Persona Management > Desktop UI folder in the Group Policy Management Editor.

Group Policy Setting Description
Hide local offline file icon Determines whether to hide the offline icon when a user views locally stored files that belong to the user profile. Enabling this setting hides the offline icon in Windows Explorer and most Windows dialog boxes.

By default, the offline icon is hidden.

Show progress when downloading large files Determines whether to display a progress window on a user's desktop when the client retrieves large files from the remote repository.

When this setting is enabled, you can specify the minimum file size, in megabytes, to begin displaying the progress window. The window is displayed when Horizon Persona Management determines that the specified amount of data will be retrieved from the remote repository. This value is an aggregate of all files that are retrieved at one time.

For example, if the setting value is 50MB and a 40MB file is retrieved, the window is not displayed. If a 30MB file is retrieved while the first file is still being downloaded, the aggregate download exceeds the value and the progress window is displayed. The window appears when a file starts downloading.

By default, this value is 50MB.

By default, this progress window is not displayed.

Show critical errors to users via tray icon alerts Displays critical error icon alerts in the desktop tray when replication or network connectivity failures occur.

By default, these icon alerts are hidden.