The troubleshooting group policy settings diagnose problems with Horizon Persona Management log files.

The following table describes each troubleshooting group policy setting.

All these settings are in the Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > VMware View Agent Configuration > Persona Management > Troubleshooting folder in the Group Policy Management Editor.

Table 1. Troubleshooting Group Policy Settings
Group Policy Setting Description
Create retry delay Indicates the delay (in milliseconds) between a file creation failure and retrying to create the file again. .

By default, the delay is 500 milliseconds.

Disable create file retry When enabled, a retry attempt is not made after a file creation failure.

By default, a retry attempt is made.

Disable desktop refresh When enabled, the user's desktop icons are not refreshed after retrieving corresponding .exe files. Enabling this flag may cause icons on desktop shortcuts to not appear if the shortcut points to an executable within the profile, but will prevent extraneous desktop refreshes.

By default, the desktop icons are refreshed.

Disable user environment errors at logon When enabled, system user environment error messages are disabled during logon.

By default, user environment errors are disabled.

Repository file download timeout Specifies the time (in milliseconds) before downloading a file from the remote repository times out.

By default, the timeout is 1,800 seconds.

Driver Disable Flags Disable certain functionality in Persona Management.
File creation delay Indicates the delay (in milliseconds) between logon and the creation of the offline files in the user's profile.

By default, the delay is 10,000 milliseconds.

Profile reconcile delay Indicates the delay (in seconds) between logon and starting to reconcile the user's profile.

By default, the delay is 10 seconds.

Remove temporary files at logoff When enabled, files with a .tmp extension will be removed from the user's profile at logoff. Persona Management uses .tmp files for various file synchronization between the local and remote profile.

By default, temporary files are removed.

Repository Connection Monitor When enabled, Persona Management will detect when the connection to the persona repository has been lost or become too slow. Once a fast connection is re-established all local changes are uploaded and synchronized with the user's remote persona. The frequency at which the network connection is tested and the maximum network latency can be tuned for optimum performance.

By default, the test interval is 120 seconds and the maximum network latency is 40 ms.

Synchronize profile at logon When enabled, files in the user's local profile are synchronized with the roaming profile at logon.

By default, the user's profile is synchronized at logon.