You can create a manual desktop pool for Linux virtual machines.

The following procedure provides guidelines for configuring the mandatory settings for a Linux-based manual desktop pool. For more information about creating manual desktop pools, see Setting Up Virtual Desktops in Horizon Console.



  1. In Horizon Console, add a manual desktop pool.
    Select Inventory > Desktops > Add.
    Note: Do not create Windows and Linux virtual machines in the same desktop pool.
  2. Select Manual Desktop Pool.
  3. Select virtual machines that are either managed or unmanaged by vCenter Server and click Next.
  4. Select either dedicated or floating user assignments for the machines in the desktop pool and click Next.
  5. Follow the prompts in the wizard to create the pool.
    On the Desktop Pool Settings page, set the following options.
    Option Description
    Default display protocol VMware Blast
    Allow users to choose protocol No
    3D Renderer Manage using vSphere Client for 2D or vDGA desktop and NVIDIA GRID vGPU for vGPU desktop
    Note: The pool settings are mandatory. Else, you might fail to connect to the desktop and get a protocol error or a black screen.
  6. After creating the desktop pool, entitle users to the machines in the desktop pool. In Horizon Console, select the desktop pool, select Entitlements > Add entitlement, and add users or groups.


The Linux virtual machines are ready to be used as remote desktops in a Horizon 7 deployment.