This workflow allows a delegated administrator to add unmanaged virtual machines to a manual desktop pool in Horizon 7. The unmanaged machines are in fact managed by a vCenter instance, but the vCenter instance has not been added to Horizon 7.

Note: This workflow is not for adding physical machines or non-vSphere virtual machines. To add those types of machines, see Adding Physical Machines and Non-vSphere Virtual Machines to Pools.
Inputs/parameters Pod, pool ID, list of virtual machines, guest credentials (see the Limitations row of this table)
Prerequisites See Prerequisites for Adding Unmanaged Machines to Pools.
Results The selected virtual machines are registered and added to a manual desktop pool.

If you attempt to add multiple machines by using this workflow but some of the machines are not added for some reason, the workflow will fail and error messages will be included in the log file, specifying why those machines were not added. Other machines will be added successfully.

  • If you want to add a machine back to an unmanaged pool that you previously removed from the pool in Horizon 7, you must wait for some time before adding the machine back to the pool.
  • Choose virtual machines only from vCenter Server instances that have not been added to Horizon 7. All vCenter Server instances are listed, meaning that vCenter Server instances that have been added to Horizon 7 are not filtered out.
  • If all virtual machines from the vCenter Server instance are not getting displayed in the virtual machine folder, you can choose machines from individual host folders. This issue can occur when the number of virtual machines is very large.
  • After you run the Add Guest Credentials workflow and the Manage Delegated Administrator Configuration for Registration workflow, it can take some time for the guest credentials to be populated in the vRealize Automation service catalog. You might also need to log out of vRealize Automation and log back in to see the credentials.
  • If you remove guest credentials, by running the Remove Guest Credential workflow, you must also run the Refresh Delegated Administrator Configuration workflow, in the Configuration/Delegated Admin Configuration folder.

    If you do not do so, when you run the Add Unmanaged Machines to Pool workflow, you might see the old guest credentials in the drop-down menu in the workflow. If you select these credentials and run the workflow, you get the error message: Can not find credential named TestCredentials Dynamic Script Module name :getGuestCredential#7)