View Agent Direct-Connection Plug-In writes log entries to the standard Horizon Agent log. TRACE and DEBUG information is not included in the log by default.


The Horizon 7 Agent log does not contain TRACE and DEBUG information.


Full logging is not enabled. You must enable full logging to include TRACE and DEBUG information in the Horizon Agent log.


  1. Open a command prompt and run C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware View\Agent\DCT\support.bat loglevels
  2. Enter 3 for full logging.
    The debug log files are located in %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\VMware\VDM\logs. The file debug*.log has information logged from the Horizon Agent and the plug-in. Search for wsnm_xmlapi to find the plug-in log lines.

    When the Horizon Agent is started, the plug-in version is logged:

    2012-10-01T12:09:59.078+01:00 INFO (09E4-0C08) <logloaded> [MessageFrameWork] Plugin 'wsnm_xmlapi - VMware View Agent XML API Handler Plugin' loaded, version=e.x.p build- 855808, buildtype=release

    2012-10-01T12:09:59.078+01:00 TRACE (09E4-06E4) <PluginInitThread> [wsnm_xmlapi] Agent XML API Protocol Handler starting