You must specify machine and desktop pool settings when you configure automated pools that contain linked clones created by Horizon Composer. Different settings apply to pools with dedicated user assignments and floating user assignments.

The following table lists the settings that apply to linked-clone pools with dedicated assignments and floating assignments.

For descriptions of each setting, see Desktop Pool Settings for All Desktop Pool Types in Horizon Console.

Table 1. Settings for Automated, Linked-Clone Desktop Pools
Setting Linked-Clone Pool, Dedicated Assignment Linked-Clone Pool, Floating Assignment
State Yes Yes
Connection Server restrictions Yes Yes
Category Folder (*Supported in Horizon Administrator) Yes Yes
Remote machine power policy Yes Yes
Automatically logoff after disconnect Yes Yes
Allow users to reset/restart their machines Yes Yes
Allow user to initiate separate sessions from different client devices Yes
Delete or refresh machine on logoff Yes
Refresh OS disk after logoff Yes
Default display protocol Yes Yes
Allow users to choose protocol Yes Yes
3D Renderer Yes Yes
Max number of monitors Yes Yes
Max resolution of any one monitor Yes Yes
Adobe Flash quality Yes Yes
Adobe Flash throttling Yes Yes
Override global Mirage settings Yes Yes
Mirage Server configuration Yes Yes
Display Assigned Machine Name Yes No