Horizon Persona Management maintains user settings that are associated with ThinApp applications by including ThinApp sandbox folders in user profiles. You can set Horizon Persona Management policies to enhance performance when users start ThinApp applications.

Horizon Persona Management preloads ThinApp sandbox folders and files in the local user profile when a user logs in. The ThinApp sandbox folders are created before a user can complete the log on. To enhance performance, Horizon Persona Management does not download the ThinApp sandbox data during the login, although files are created on the local desktop with the same basic attributes and sizes as the ThinApp sandbox files in the user's remote profile.

As a best practice, download the actual ThinApp sandbox data in the background. Enable the Folders to background download group policy setting and add the ThinApp sandbox folders. See Roaming and Synchronization Group Policy Settings.

The actual ThinApp sandbox files can be large. With the Folders to background download setting, users do not have to wait for large files to download when they start an application. Also, users do not have to wait for the files to preload when they log in, as they might if you use the Files and folders to preload setting with large files.