When you use Horizon Console to configure a power policy, you must compare the power policy to the settings in the guest operating system's Power Options control panel to prevent power policy conflicts.

A virtual machine can become temporarily inaccessible if the power policy configured for the machine is not compatible with a power option configured for the guest operating system. If there are other machines in the same pool, they can also be affected.

The following configuration is an example of a power policy conflict:

  • In Horizon Console, the power policy Suspend is configured for the virtual machine. This policy causes the virtual machine to enter a suspended state when it is not in use.
  • In the Power Options control panel in the guest operating system, the option Put the Computer to sleep is set to three minutes.

In this configuration, both Connection Server and the guest operating system can suspend the virtual machine. The guest operating system power option might cause the virtual machine to be unavailable when Connection Server expects it to be powered on.