If you recompose a linked-clone machine that was customized with Sysprep, Horizon 7 runs the Sysprep customization specification again after the OS disk is recomposed. This operation generates a new SID for the linked-clone virtual machine.

If a new SID is generated, the recomposed linked clone functions as a new computer on the network. Some software programs such as system-management tools depend on the SID to identify the computers under their management. These programs might not be able to identify or locate the linked-clone virtual machine.

Also, if third-party software is installed on the system disk, the customization specification might regenerate the GUIDs for that software after the recomposition.

A recomposition restores the linked clone to its original state, before the customization specification was run the first time. In this state, the linked clone does not have a local computer SID or the GUID of any third-party software installed in the system drive. Horizon 7 must run the Sysprep customization specification after the linked clone is recomposed.