Log files can help troubleshoot issues with installation, display protocol, and various feature components. You can create a configuration file to configure the verbosity level.

Log Location

Table 1. Horizon Client for Mac Log Files
Type of Logs Directory Path File Name
Horizon Client UI ~/Library/Logs/VMware Horizon Client
PCoIP client ~/Library/Logs/VMware Horizon Client
Real-Time Audio-Video ~/Library/Logs/VMware vmware-RTAV-pid.log
USB redirection ~/Library/Logs/VMware
VChan ~/Library/Logs/VMware Horizon Client
Remote MKS (mouse-keyboard-screen) logs ~/Library/Logs/VMware
Crtbora ~/Library/Logs/VMware

Log Configuration

In Horizon Client 3.1 and later, Horizon Client generates log files in the ~/Library/Logs/VMware Horizon Client directory on the Mac client. Administrators can configure the maximum number of log files and the maximum number of days to keep log files by setting keys in the /Library/Preferences/com.vmware.horizon.plist file on a Mac client.

Table 2. plist Keys for Log File Collection
Key Description
MaxDebugLogs Maximum number of log files. The maximum value is 100.
MaxDaysToKeepLogs Maximum number of days to keep log files. This value has no limit.

Files that do not match these criteria are deleted when you launch Horizon Client.

If the MaxDebugLogs or MaxDaysToKeepLogs keys are not set in the com.vmware.horizon.plist file, the default number of log files is 5 and the default number of days to keep log files is 7.