VMware is committed to protecting your privacy and takes several steps to ensure that no data collected by the customer experience improvement program (CEIP) includes sensitive information that could uniquely identify a particular customer or user. The program does not collect any information that can be used to identify you or contact you. No data that identifies your organization or users is collected.

When the CEIP feature is enabled, View Connection Server gathers information from your deployment and performs the following actions on the data:

  1. Data that could uniquely identify your deployment such as users, server names, IP addresses, and network server paths is made anonymous by executing a one-way hash function on the data. This approach allows VMware to gather useful information about how many unique servers, machines, and users are included in your deployment without collecting any specific server names, user names, or addresses.
  2. The entire data set is encrypted using a public key. The private key that is required to decrypt the data set is available only to VMware.
  3. The encrypted, anonymized information is transmitted to VMware using HTTPS.

You can review the complete list of fields from which data is collected, including which fields are made anonymous. See Global View Data Collected by VMware and the related topics that follow.