You use the ThinApp Setup Capture wizard to capture and package your applications.


  • Download the ThinApp software from and install it on a clean computer. View supports ThinApp version 4.6 and later.
  • Familiarize yourself with the ThinApp software requirements and application packaging instructions in the ThinApp User's Guide.


  1. Start the ThinApp Setup Capture wizard and follow the prompts in the wizard.
  2. When the ThinApp Setup Capture wizard prompts you for a project location, select Build MSI package.
  3. If you plan to stream the application to remote desktops, set the MSIStreaming property to 1 in the package.ini file.


The ThinApp Setup Capture wizard encapsulates the application, all of the necessary components to run the application, and the application itself into an MSI package.

What to do next

Create a Windows network share to store the MSI packages.