After you initialize and configure a Cloud Pod Architecture environment, perform certain steps to verify that your environment is set up properly.


  • Install the latest version of Horizon Client on a supported computer or mobile device.
  • Verify that you have credentials for a user in one of your newly created global entitlements.


  1. Start Horizon Client.
  2. Connect to any Connection Server instance in the pod federation by using the credentials of a user in one of your new global entitlements.
    After you connect to the Connection Server instance, the global entitlement name appears in the list of available desktops and applications.
  3. Select the global entitlement and connect to a desktop or application.


The desktop or application starts successfully. Which desktop or application starts depends on the individual configuration of the global entitlement, pods, and desktop and application pools. The Cloud Pod Architecture feature attempts to allocate a desktop or application from the pod to which you are connected.

What to do next

If the global entitlement does not appear when you connect to the Connection Server instance, use Horizon Administrator to verify that the entitlement is configured correctly. If the global entitlement appears but a desktop or application does not start, all desktop or application pools might be fully assigned to other users.