You must configure an Active Directory domain in which View Composer deploys linked-clone desktops. You can configure multiple domains for View Composer. After you first add vCenter Server and View Composer settings to View, you can add more View Composer domains by editing the vCenter Server instance in View Administrator.


  • Your Active Directory administrator must create a View Composer user for AD operations. This domain user must have permission to add and remove virtual machines from the Active Directory domain that contains your linked clones. For information about the required permissions for this user, see Create a User Account for View Composer AD Operations.
  • In View Administrator, verify that you completed the vCenter Server Information and View Composer Settings pages in the Add vCenter Server wizard.


  1. On the View Composer Domains page, click Add to add the View Composer user for AD operations account information.
  2. Type the domain name of the Active Directory domain.
    For example:
  3. Type the domain user name, including the domain name, of the View Composer user.
    For example:\admin
  4. Type the account password.
  5. Click OK.
  6. To add domain user accounts with privileges in other Active Directory domains in which you deploy linked-clone pools, repeat the preceding steps.
  7. Click Next to display the Storage Settings page.

What to do next

Enable virtual machine disk space reclamation and configure View Storage Accelerator for View.