You must install Horizon Agent on a Linux virtual machine before you can deploy the machine as a remote desktop.

Beginning with Horizon 7.0.1 release, Horizon Agent for Linux uses vCenter managed virtual machines. The managed virtual machines provide the following enhancements.

  • vCenter is a mandatory requirement for Linux desktop deployment.
  • Horizon Agent installation on Linux does not require registration.
  • For a large number of Linux desktop deployment, you can install the Horizon Agent on the base virtual machine.
Caution: If you intend to use NVIDIA GRID vGPU, vDGA, or vSGA, you must configure these 3D features on the Linux virtual machine before you install Horizon Agent. If you install Horizon Agent first, required parameters in the xorg.conf file are overwritten, and the 3D graphics features do not work.

See Configure Supported RHEL Distributions for vGPU, Configure RHEL 6 for vDGA, or Configure RHEL 7 for vSGA. Install Horizon Agent after the 3D graphics configuration is completed.

For 2D graphics configuration, you can install Horizon Agent after you complete the steps in Prepare a Linux Machine for Remote Desktop Deployment.



  1. Download the Horizon Agent for Linux installer file from the VMware download site at
    Under Desktop & End-User Computing, select the VMware Horizon 7 download, which includes the Horizon Agent for Linux installer.

    The installer filename is VMware-horizonagent-linux-x86_64-y.y.y-xxxxxxx.tar.gz for 64-bit Linux where y.y.y is the version number and xxxxxxx is the build number.

  2. Unpack the tarball for your Linux distribution on the guest operating system.
    For example:
    tar -xzvf <View Agent tar ball>
  3. Navigate to the tar ball folder.
  4. Run the script as superuser.
    See Command-Line Options for a list of the command line options.
    For example:
    sudo ./ 
  5. Type Yes to accept the EULA if you run without specifying the -A option.
    The installer does not run unless you accept the EULA.
  6. Reboot Linux for the changes to take effect.


After installation, the viewagent service is started. Verify that the service is started using sudo service viewagent status.

What to do next

Deploy the virtual machine in a desktop pool. See Create a Manual Desktop Pool for Linux.