When you upgrade the View Composer service with the View Composer installer or run the SviConfig databaseupgrade command, the operation might fail to upgrade the View Composer database.


The SviConfig databaseupgrade operation displays error code 17, or the View Composer installer displays a warning message.

Database upgrade completed with warnings


The database-upgrade software contacts vCenter Server to get additional data about desktops. The database upgrade might fail if the desktops are not available, the ESXi host is not running, or vCenter Server is not available.


  1. See the View Composer SviConfig log file for more information.
    The default location of this file is C:\Users\All Users\VMware\View Composer\vmware-sviconfig.log. The upgrade script logs a message for each failure.
  2. Examine the log records to identify the desktops that failed to upgrade.
    Option Action
    The desktop exists but is unavailable. Make the desktop available again.

    Depending on the cause of the failure, you might have to restart the ESXi host or vCenter Server, or take another action.

    The desktop does not exist. Ignore the log message.
    Note: A deleted desktop might appear to exist in View Administrator if an administrator deletes the desktop virtual machine directly in vSphere.
  3. Run the SviConfig databaseupgrade command again.