The Cloud Pod Architecture feature uses standard View components to provide cross-datacenter administration. All servers in all pods that are joined in a pod federation must be upgraded to the same version of View Connection Server as soon as possible.

With the Cloud Pod Architecture feature, you link together multiple View pods to provide a single large desktop and hosted application brokering and management environment. A View pod consists of a set of View Connection Server instances, shared storage, a database server, and the vSphere and network infrastructures required to host desktop virtual machines and application pools. For information about designing and setting up a Cloud Pod Architecture environment, see Administering Cloud Pod Architecture in Horizon 7.

Use the following process to upgrade your Cloud Pod Architecture:

  1. Upgrade all View Connection Server instances in one pod, according to the usual process for upgrading a single View Connection Server instance.
  2. Repeat the preceding step for the other pods in the federation, upgrading each pod one-by-one.
Important: During the upgrade process, some Connection Server instances will be using the latest version and some will be using the older version. This sort of mixed environment is supported during the upgrade process, but VMware recommends that you complete this process as soon as possible. New features will not work in a mixed environment. Also, a new feature that might be visible in Horizon Administrator on an upgraded server will not be visible in Horizon Administrator on a server that has not been upgraded.
Note: When different major Horizon versions are installed on the pods in a Cloud Pod Architecture environment, users cannot launch remote desktops and applications on a later version pod when connected to an earlier version pod. For example, if pod A is running Horizon 6 version 6.x and pod B is running Horizon 7 version 7.x, users cannot launch desktops and applications on pod B when they connect through pod A. To fix this issue, you must install the same Horizon version on all pods in the pod federation. When planning a Cloud Pod Architecture upgrade from 6.x to 7.x, make sure that all pods are upgraded at the same time.