The URL Content Redirection ADMX template file (urlRedirection-enUS.admx) contains group policy settings that you can use to create rules that redirect URLs from the client to a remote desktop or application (client-to-agent redirection).

Note: The preferred method for configuring client-to-agent redirection is to use the vdmutil command-line interface. Because GPOs are not supported by macOS, you cannot use GPOs to configure client-to-agent configuration if you have macOS clients.

To create a rule for client-to-agent redirection, you use the remoteItem option to specify the display name of a remote desktop or application pool and the agentRules option to specify the URLs that should be redirected to the remote desktop or application. You must also use the brokerHostname option to specify the IP address or fully qualified domain name of the Connection Server host to use when redirecting the URLs to a remote desktop or application.

For example, for security purposes you might want all HTTP URLs that point to the company network to be opened in a remote desktop or application. In this case, you might set the agentRules option to .*

For URL Content Redirection template file installation instructions, see Add the URL Content Redirection ADMX Template to a GPO.