You can configure the RDS Per Device CAL storage options to specify the location of the CALs to be stored. This feature lets you decide whether you want to store the CALs or not.

Sometimes, there might be potential over usage of Per Device CALs, such as Horizon RDS Deployments might have both Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012 systems. Enabling this feature makes the CAL usage efficient in Horizon RDS deployments. This is achieved by storing the issued license, supplying the license when the client is trying to connect to the RDS host, and storing the license again if there is any license upgrade.

You can configure the RDS Per Device CAL in the Horizon Administrator or manually in the Horizon LDAP database.


  1. In the Horizon Administrator, click View Configuration > Global Settings.
  2. In the General pane, click Edit.
  3. Select one of the following configurations from the RDS Per Device CAL Storage Options drop-down menu.
    Option Description
    Save only on Broker The Per Device CALs are saved only on Broker.
    Note: The LDAP entry, cs-enablerdslicensing=true and sendRdsLicense=false.
    Save on both Clients and Broker The Per Device CALs are stored on both Clients and Broker.
    Note: The LDAP entries cs-enablerdslicensing=true and sendRdsLicense=true.
    Don't save the Per Device CAL The Per Device CALs are not stored at any location.
    Note: The LDAP entries, cs-enablerdslicensing=false and sendRdsLicense=false.
  4. Click OK.