For manual desktop pools and automated desktop pools of full virtual machines or View Composer linked clones, you can choose floating or dedicated user assignment for the desktops. For instant-clone desktop pools, you can choose only floating user assignment.

With a dedicated assignment, each desktop is assigned to a specific user. A user logging in for the first time gets a desktop that is not assigned to another user. Thereafter, this user will always get this desktop after logging in, and this desktop is not available to any other user.

With a floating assignment, users get a random desktop every time they log in. When a user logs off, the desktop is returned to the pool.

With instant clones, the desktop is always deleted and recreated from the current image when a user logs out. With View Composer linked clones, you can configure floating-assignment machines to be deleted when users log out. Automatic deletion lets you keep only as many virtual machines as you need at one time.

With floating-assignment, you might be able to reduce software licensing costs.