You can performance maintenance on hosts where instant clones reside by putting the ESXi hosts into maintenance mode. You can use vSphere Web Client to put the ESXi host into maintenance mode. By default, the instant clones on these hosts will be vMotioned to another host in the cluster. However, the parent VM must be deleted before the host can enter maintenance mode.

Starting with Horizon 7 version 7.1, when you put the ESXi host into maintenance mode, Horizon 7 will automatically delete the parent VM so that the host can go into maintenance mode without any manual intervention.

In releases earlier than Horizon 7 7.1, you have to manually delete the parent VM on the host. To do this, you can use the instant-clone maintenance utilities. If you are using VMware Update Manager (VUM), you must use the instant-clone maintenance utilities to delete the parent VM before you can patch the ESXi hosts, regardless of the Horizon 7 version.

To use the instant-clone utilities, see Instant-Clone Maintenance Utilities.

Note: After the ESXi host is put into maintenance, you must wait approximately five minutes before performing any actions on instant clones after the ESXi host performs entering or exiting operations.


  1. Log in to vSphere Web Client.
  2. Select the ESXi host that you want to put into maintenance and clickMaintenance Mode > Enter Maintenance Mode.