This workflow entitles multiple users to desktops in floating-assignment pools or RDS desktop pools. For dedicated-assignment pools, this workflow entitles and assigns multiple users to machines f(depending on availability).

New machines are provisioned for users if the pool type is "specified naming."

Inputs/parameters Pod, pool ID, user names, machine names (for specified naming pool)
  • For floating desktop pools and session-based pools from RDS hosts, the users are entitled to the pool.
  • For automatically assigned dedicated pools, users are entitled to the pool and assigned to an available machine (if any).
  • For dedicated pools that do not use an automatic naming pattern, virtual machines are provisioned for users with the names the administrator specifies.
  • Machines are provisioned line by line. If the workflow fails for one machine, the others will not be provisioned.
  • If you select a specified naming pool, to add a new line in the text box for adding machine names, so that you can add multiple names, press Ctrl+Enter. If you press only Enter, instead of adding a new line, the workflow is submitted.