The discovery script finds systems on which a View server is installed. It probes the registries of Windows servers for entries that indicate the version of the View software, the type of server, and the name and ID of the View Connection Server group.

Note: Running the discovery script manually is optional. The discovery script is scheduled to run automatically once every hour.



  1. In the Operations Manager console, go to Monitoring\Windows Computers.
  2. Select a computer system and click the VMware View Run Discovery Probe action.


If the discovery script detects that a View server is installed on a computer, it creates instances of the View object classes that are defined in the VMware.View.Library management pack and establishes relationships between these managed objects.

For a list of the managed objects for View Connection Server instances and security servers, see View Connection Server and Security Server Managed Objects. For information about the View object classes and their relationships, see View Object Classes and Relationships.

What to do next

(Optional) Verify the objects that the discovery script creates for a server by viewing the objects in the Operations Manager console. See Display Discovered and Managed View Objects.