You can use the Get-DesktopVM cmdlet to display network label assignments for a virtual machine. The netLabelAutoAssigns output parameter shows the NIC names and network labels that View attempted to assign to the virtual machine. You do not have to add a parameter in the command line to display this information.

If the enabled flag in the network label configuration file was set to 0, the netLabelAutoAssigns output shows this feature is disabled.

The netLabelAutoAssigns output displays the network label assignments that View Connection Server reserves for the virtual machine. To see the network labels that are assigned to the virtual machine in vCenter Server, use the -getNetworkLabel parameter with the Get-DesktopVM cmdlet. For more information, see Displaying vCenter Server Network Label Assignments for a Virtual Machine.

The following Get-DesktopVM cmdlet example displays network label assignments for the virtual machine 918 in the pool pool2.

> get-desktopvm -pool_id pool2
vm : 918
ps_object_type : vc_vm
id : VirtualMachine-vm-47878
vc_id : 2162aa44-e99c-4f1a-875d-dd295681d2ca
Name : pool2-1811
UnescapedName : pool2-1811
Path : /resource/vm/Discovered virtual machine/pool2/pool2-1811
GuestFullName : Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit)
GuestID : windows7Guest
HostName :
IPAddress :
machine_id : 56496104-bf91-4d69-8bae-fb4493608542
user_sid :
user_displayname :
isInPool : true
pool_id : pool2
isLinkedClone : true
composerTask : refresh
netLabelAutoAssigns : {Network adapter 1=desktop-auto08-300} ...