You use a network label configuration file to configure automated full-clone and linked-clone desktop pools to use multiple network labels. The network label configuration file contains a flag that controls whether network labels are assigned and sections that define NICs, network labels, and network label attributes.

Enabled Flag

This flag is set to enabled=true by default. Keep the flag set to true to allow View to assign network labels to the pool.

Parameter Definition for NIC Section

This section lists the NICs defined in vCenter Server on the template or snapshot of the parent virtual machine. Do not edit this section.

Parameter Definition for Network Section

This section lists the network labels defined in vCenter Server instance for the ESXi hosts in the cluster. Network labels are listed in alphabetical order. If a cluster uses standard network labels and distributed virtual switch network labels, use only one type of label for a pool. Do not edit this section.

Network Label Attribute Definition Section

This section lists the network labels associated with each NIC. The network labels are commented out and the assignments are not functional. You must remove the comments (### marks) from the appropriate network labels to allow them to be assigned to a desktop pool.

The maxvm parameter defines the maximum number of IP assignments that can be made to virtual machines from the network label. The value of the maxvm parameter is generated by the -maxVMsPerNetworkLabel parameter in the Export-NetworkLabelSpecForLinkedClone or Export-NetworkLabelSpecForFullClone cmdlet. You can manually edit this value in the configuration file.

As a best practice, do not assign a network label to more than one desktop pool. The maximum network label counts are honored only on a per-NIC, per-pool basis. For example, if you configure NIC1 on pool1 to use network06 with a maxvm of 244, and you configure NIC1 on pool2 to use the same network label, network06, with a maxvm of 244, network06 must have an actual assignable IP address space of at least 488 addresses or the IP assignments from the network label might become oversubscribed.

If the parent virtual machine or template has two NICs, each network label discovered by the Export-NetworkLabelSpecForLinkedClone or Export-NetworkLabelSpecForFullClone cmdlet is associated with both NICs. Warning messages explain that IP address assignments can become oversubscribed because the assignment function for one NIC is not aware of the assignments that are made from the same network label for the second NIC. Each NIC is aware only of its own network label assignments.