You can use the Get-Pool cmdlet to display the network label assignments for a pool. The networkLabelSpecs output parameter shows the network labels that are assigned to the pool. You do not need to add a parameter in the command line to display this information.

The following table describes the networkLabelSpecs output format.

Table 1. networkLabelSpecs Output Format
Value Description
nl Network label name.
nic NIC name.
enabled A value of 1 means the label is active. A value of 0 means it is disabled.
max Maximum number of virtual machines that can be assigned the network label.
usage Number of virtual machines currently assigned to the network label.

When the usage value equals the max value, View stops assigning that network label and starts making assignments from the next available label.

The following Get-Pool cmdlet example shows network label assignments for the pool Pool2.

> get-pool -pool_id Pool2
networkLabelSpecs : [nl=desktop-auto01-230;nic=Network adapter 1;enable
                    etwork adapter 1;enabled=1;max=239;usage=239];[nl=vie
                    wscale-auto03-250;nic=Network adapter 1;enabled=1;max
                    adapter 1;enabled=1;max=239;usage=239];[nl=desktopauto05-
                    270;nic=Network adapter 1;enabled=1;max=239;us
                    age=239];[nl=desktop-auto06-280;nic=Network adapter
                    290;nic=Network adapter 1;enabled=1;max=239;usage=239
                    ];[nl=desktop-auto08-300;nic=Network adapter 1;enab
                    =Network adapter 1;enabled=1;max=239;usage=88] ...