PowerShell is a command line and scripting environment designed for Microsoft Windows. PowerShell uses the .NET object model and provides administrators with management and automation capabilities. You work with PowerShell by running commands, which are called cmdlets in PowerShell. The command line syntax for View PowerCLI cmdlets is the same as generic PowerShell syntax.

The View PowerCLI cmdlets are defined in the PowershellServiceCmdlets.dll file, which is installed in the C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware View\Server\bin directory. The PowershellServiceCmdlets.dll file constitutes the VMware.View.Broker snapin.

You can edit and extend the View PowerCLI cmdlets script configuration file, InitViewCmdlets.ps1, to define cmdlet aliases, configure the environment, and set startup actions. InitViewCmdlets.ps1 is in the Extras folder in the View installation directory.

You can use View PowerCLI cmdlets in conjunction with vSphere PowerCLI cmdlets. vSphere PowerCLI cmdlets provide an administrative interface to VMware vSphere. If vSphere PowerCLI is installed on a View Connection Server instance, the vSphere PowerCLI cmdlets load when you launch View PowerCLI.

You can refer to virtual machines and vCenter Server instances by ID in View PowerCLI, but you cannot pass these entities as objects. For other vSphere objects, such as resource pools and folders, you must provide a full path. You can use View PowerCLI cmdlets to examine the configuration of vCenter Server instances within View.

For general information about using PowerShell, see the Microsoft documentation.