vCenter Server can make additional network label assignments to virtual machines. These assignments are outside the control of View.

To see the network labels that are assigned to a virtual machine in vCenter Server, use the -getNetworkLabel parameter with the Get-DesktopVM cmdlet. You must type a Boolean value of $true in the command line to enable the -getNetworkLabel parameter. The output of the Get-DesktopVM cmdlet displays the networkLabels parameter, which shows the NICs and network label assignments that were made for the virtual machine.

The following Get-DesktopVM cmdlet example displays network label assignments made in vCenter Server for the virtual machine 1849 in the pool pool2.

> get-desktopvm -pool_id pool2 -getnetworklabel $true
vm : 1849
ps_object_type : vc_vm
id : VirtualMachine-vm-46148
vc_id : 2162aa44-e99c-4f1a-875d-dd295681d2ca
Name : pool2-85
UnescapedName : pool2-85
Path : /resource/vm/Discovered virtual machine/pool2/pool2-85
GuestFullName : Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit)
GuestID : windows7Guest
HostName :
IPAddress :
networkLabels : {Network adapter 1=desktop-auto01-230}
machine_id : be14deda-ec1b-4dd1-834a-915fcc7d51a0
user_sid :
user_displayname :
isInPool : true
pool_id : pool2
isLinkedClone : true
composerTask :
netLabelAutoAssigns : {Network adapter 1=desktop-auto01-230} ...
Note: Because the -getNetworkLabel parameter is a long-running parameter, run the Get-DesktopVM cmdlet with the -getNetworkLabel parameter during off-peak periods of vSphere utilization.