You can export data from your View Composer database to file.

About this task


Use the SviConfig utility only if you are an experienced View Composer administrator.


By default, View stores the backup files on the C: drive of the View Connection Server computer, at C:\Programdata\VMWare\VDM\backups.

Familiarize yourself with the SviConfig exportdata parameters:

  • DsnName - The DSN that is used to connect to the database. If it is not specified, DSN name, user name and password will be retrieved from server configuration file.

  • Username - The user name that is used to connect to the database. If this parameter is not specified, Windows authentication is used.

  • Password - The password for the user that connects to the database. If this parameter is not specified and Windows authentication is not used, you are prompted to enter the password later.

  • OutputFilePath - The path to the output file.


  1. On the computer where View Composer is installed, stop the VMware Horizon View Composer service.
  2. Open a Windows command prompt and navigate to the SviConfig executable file.

    The file is located with the View Composer application.


  3. Run the SviConfig exportdata command.
    sviconfig -operation=exportdata

    For example:

    sviconfig -operation=exportdata -dsnname=LinkedClone
    -username=Admin -password=Pass 
    -outputfilepath="C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware View 

What to do next

For export result codes for the SviConfig exportdata command, see Result Codes for Exporting the View Composer Database.