If you encounter problems using Horizon Client, and cannot resolve the problems using general network troubleshooting techniques, you can save a copy of the log files and information about the configuration.

About this task

You can attempt to resolve connection problems for Horizon Client before saving the diagnostic information and contacting VMware Technical Support. For more information, see "Connection Problems Between Horizon Client and Horizon Connection Server" in the Setting Up Virtual Desktops in Horizon 7 document.


  1. In Horizon Client, click Support Information, or, on the remote desktop menu, select Options > Support Information.
  2. In the Support Information window, click Collect Support Data and click Yes when prompted.

    A command window shows the progress of gathering the information. This process can take several minutes.

  3. In the command window, respond to the prompts by entering the URLs of the Horizon Connection Server instances against which you want to test the configuration of Horizon Client, and, if required, selecting to generate diagnostic dumps of the Horizon 7 processes.

    The information is written to a zip file in a folder on the client machine's desktop.

  4. File a support request on the Support page of the VMware Web site, and attach the output zip file.