Certain network ports must be opened on the Windows firewall for the Cloud Pod Architecture feature to work. When you install Connection Server, the installation program can optionally configure the required firewall rules for you. These rules open the ports that are used by default. If you change the default ports after installation, or if your network has other firewalls, you must manually configure the Windows firewall.

Table 1. Ports Opened During Connection Server Installation


TCP Port




Used for Global Data Layer LDAP replication. Shared data is replicated on every Connection Server instance in a pod federation. Each Connection Server instance in a pod federation runs a second LDAP instance to store shared data.



Used for secure Global Data Layer LDAP replication.



Used for View Interpod API (VIPA) communication. Connection Server instances use the VIPA communication channel to launch new desktops and applications, find existing desktops, and share health status data and other information.