With VMware Horizon JMP (Just-in-Time Management Platform) Integrated Workflow features, you can use a single console to define and manage desktop workspaces for users or group of users.

A desktop workspace is created by defining a JMP assignment that includes information about the VMware Horizon desktop pools, VMware App Volumes AppStacks, and VMware User Environment Manager settings. After a JMP assignment is submitted, the JMP automation engine communicates with the Horizon 7, App Volumes, and User Environment Manager systems to entitle the user to a desktop.

You can manage existing JMP assignments using the Assignments (JMP) tab in Horizon Console. You can also modify each component assignment using the respective JMP component console. For example, changes to the desktop pools defined in a JMP assignment can also be modified by selecting Inventory > Desktops from Horizon Console.

When a JMP assignment is opened in the Horizon Console, the current state of each component of the JMP assignment is validated to ensure that it is at the expected state. When differences are identified, the affected areas are highlighted in the console and you can either accept the current state, or modify the assignment to achieve the desired state and re-entitle the user.

The JMP Integrated Workflow features become available in Horizon Console after you install and configure the VMware Horizon JMP Server. See Get Started with JMP Integrated Workflow and VMware Horizon JMP Server Installation and Setup Guide for information.


The JMP Integrated Workflow features do not support VMware Cloud® on AWS since App Volumes does not support VMware Cloud