Horizon Console includes a partial implementation of Horizon 7 features. You can use Horizon Administrator, the classic Web interface to access those features that are not yet available in Horizon Console.

For information about Horizon 7 that are supported with Horizon Administrator, see the Horizon 7 Administration document.

The following features are supported:

  • Entitlements

    • User and group entitlements

    • Desktop entitlements

    • Application entitlements

  • Authentication

    • Remote access authentication

    • Unauthenticated access for published applications

  • Virtual desktops

    • Automated, dedicated-assignment pools of full virtual machines

    • Automated, instant-clone dedicated-assignment and floating-assignment pools

  • Published desktops

    • Manual farms

    • Automated instant-clone farms

    • RDS desktop pools

  • Published Applications

    • Manual application pools

    • Application pools from existing applications

  • Virtual Machines

    • Virtual Machines available in vCenter Server

    • Registered machines that are not available in vCenter Server

The following features are not supported:

  • Automated, floating-assignment pools of full virtual machines

  • Automated linked-clone desktop pools

  • Automated linked-clone farms

  • Cloning an automated desktop pool

  • Cloud Pod Architecture

  • Manual desktop pools

  • ThinApp applications