Before you can install a security server, you must configure a security server pairing password. When you install a security server with the Connection Server installation program, the program prompts you for this password during the installation process.

About this task

The security server pairing password is a one-time password that permits a security server to be paired with a Connection Server instance. The password becomes invalid after you provide it to the Connection Server installation program.


You cannot pair an older version of security server with the current version of Connection Server. If you configure a pairing password on the current version of Connection Server and try to install an older version of security server, the pairing password will be invalid.


  1. In Horizon Administrator, select View Configuration > Servers.
  2. In the Connection Servers tab, select the Connection Server instance to pair with the security server.
  3. From the More Commands drop-down menu, select Specify Security Server Pairing Password.
  4. Type the password in the Pairing password and Confirm password text boxes and specify a password timeout value.

    You must use the password within the specified timeout period.

  5. Click OK to configure the password.

What to do next

Install a security server. See Install a Security Server.


If you do not provide the security server pairing password to the Connection Server installation program within the password timeout period, the password becomes invalid and you must configure a new password.