You can deploy Horizon 7 on VMware Cloud on AWS to scale Horizon 7 desktops and applications on an elastic cloud platform.

VMware Cloud on AWS allows you to create vSphere data centers on Amazon Web Services. These vSphere data centers include vCenter Server for managing your data center, vSAN for storage, and VMware NSX for networking. You can connect an on-premises data center to your cloud Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC), and manage both from a single vSphere Client interface. Using your connected AWS account, you can access AWS services such as EC2 and S3 from virtual machines in your SDDC. For more information, see the VMware Cloud on AWS documentation at

Optionally, you can also use the Cloud Pod Architecture feature in Horizon 7 to connect a pod from an on-premises data center to a pod in a data center deployed on VMware Cloud on AWS. You can use Horizon 7 as a secure and enterprise-ready platform for virtual desktops and published desktops and applications that you can deploy and manage on-premises. You can use the Cloud Pod Architecture feature to scale across multiple pods and sites for large-scale federated management in data centers that are both on-premises and in private clouds.

You can deploy Horizon 7 on a hybrid cloud environment when you stretch Cloud Pod Architecture across on-premises data centers and VMware Cloud on AWS instances. This enables Horizon 7 users to outsource the management of the SDDC infrastructure to the VMware Cloud platform. Since the Horizon 7 architecture is the same on-premises and in VMware Cloud on AWS, the deployment and management experience remains the same across on-premises and in the private cloud. There is no requirement to purchase new hardware and you can use the pay-as-you-go option for hourly billing on VMware Cloud on AWS.

The following Horizon 7 features are supported for an Horizon 7 deployment on VMware Cloud on AWS:

  • Automated pools with full virtual machines

  • Manual RDS Host farms

  • Unified Access Gateway appliances

The following features are not supported for an Horizon 7 deployment on VMware Cloud on AWS:

  • Linked-clone desktop pools

  • Instant-clone desktop pools

  • Manual desktop pools

  • Linked-clone RDS Host farms

  • Instant-clone RDS Host farms

  • Content-Based Read Cache (CBRC)

  • Security server

  • Unmanaged desktops

  • Horizon Persona Management

  • VMware ThinApp

  • Virtualization-based security (VBS)

  • Trusted Platform Module (vTPM) devices