You can use the Cloud Pod Architecture feature to connect Horizon 7 pods regardless of whether the pods are on premises or on VMware Cloud on AWS. When you deploy two or more Horizon 7 pods on VMware Cloud on AWS, you can manage them independently or manage them together by linking them with Cloud Pod Architecture. For more information on how to use and configure Cloud Pod Architecture, see the Administering Cloud Pod Architecture in Horizon 7 document.


  • Deploy Horizon 7 version 7.0 or later on VMware Cloud on AWS.


  1. Use Cloud Pod Architecture to link any number of Horizon 7 pods on VMware Cloud on AWS. The maximum number of pods must conform to the limits set for pods in Cloud Pod Architecture. See, the VMware Knowledge Base (KB) article, "VMware Horizon 7 Sizing Limits and Recommendations"
  2. Configure ports and firewall rules.
  3. Optionally, when you use Cloud Pod Architecture, you can deploy a global load balancer between the two pods.