To set up a successful hybrid cloud deployment, you must configure the logical network that can support a Horizon 7 deployment on VMware Cloud on AWS.

Include the following components in the logical network configuration.

Management Component

The management component for the network includes vCenter Server.

Compute Component

The compute component for the network includes the following components:

  • Unified Access Gateway appliances

  • Load balancer

  • Horizon Connection Servers

  • Virtual machines

NSX Components

The NSX components in the network provide network edge security and gateway services to isolate a virtualized network and set up firewall rules. When you use NSX components, you cannot have more than 1,000 ports.

  • NSX distributed logical router (DLR)

  • NSX Edge

  • IPSec VPN

On-Premises Components

The on-premises components include Horizon Client connections and virtual desktop or published desktop and application connections from the internet.