To use the fingerprint scanner redirection feature, you must install the Device Bridge BAS Plugin on both the client and the agent machines.

About this task

The Device Bridge BAS Plugin is a custom setup option in the Horizon Agent installer.


The Device Bridge BAS Plugin is supported in 32-bit RMKS because the BAS Installer-Silent is 32-bit.


Obtain the Smartchip Biometric Authentication System (BAS) third party software: BAS Installer-Silent

If you use Futronic FS88H, you must install ftrScanAPI.dll version 13.2.2402.1014 or later on the client machine. Download it from the demo program package of Futronic FS88H.


  1. Install BAS Installer-Silent to its default location on both the client and the agent machines.
  2. On the client, start the installer.
    • For a 64-bit client OS, click Customize Installation, then on the Customize page, deselect Virtualization Pack for Skype for Business, select 32-bit Remote Core Experience, then click Agree & Install.

    • For a 32-bit client OS, click Agree & Install.

  3. On the agent, start the Horizon Agent installer, review the license agreement, and click Next.
    1. Specify IPv4 as the network protocol, and click Next.
    2. In Custom Setup, select Device Bridge BAS Plugin and click Next.
    3. Install the plugin.