When you disable provisioning in an automated desktop pool, Horizon 7 stops provisioning new virtual machines for the pool. After you disable provisioning, you can enable provisioning again.

About this task

Before you change a desktop pool's configuration, you can disable provisioning to ensure that no new machines are created with the old configuration. You also can disable provisioning to prevent Horizon 7 from using additional storage when a pool is close to filling up the available space.

When provisioning is disabled in a linked-clone pool, Horizon 7 stops new machines from being provisioned and stops machines from being customized after they are recomposed or rebalanced.


  1. In Horizon Administrator, select Catalog > Desktop Pools.
  2. Select a desktop pool and change the status of the pool.



    Disable provisioning

    Select Disable Provisioning from the Status drop-down menu.

    Enable provisioning

    Select Enable Provisioning from the Status drop-down menu.

  3. Click OK.