You can display the machines that are allocated to users whose entitlement has been removed, and you can also display the policies that have been applied to unentitled users.

About this task

A user who is unentitled might have left the organization permanently, or you might have suspended their account for an extended period of time. These users are assigned a machine but they are no longer entitled to use the machine pool.

You can also use the vdmadmin command with the -O or -P option to display unentitled machines and policies. For more information, see the Horizon 7 Administration document.


  1. In View Administrator, select Resources > Machines.
  2. Select More Commands > View Unentitled Machines.
  3. Remove the machine assignments for unentitled users.
  4. Select More Commands > View Unentitled Machines or More Commands > View Unentitled Policies as appropriate.
  5. Change or remove the policies that are applied to unentitled users.