You can use Horizon Administrator to modify global entitlement attributes and policies.

You can modify the global entitlement name and description, the Connection Server tags associated with the global entitlement, and the category folder for a Windows Start menu shortcut. You can also change the scope, home site, redundant session, default display protocol, HTML Access, pre-launch, Session Collaboration, and client restriction policies.

For a global application entitlement, you can modify the application path, version, and publisher. If you add an application pool to the global application entitlement after you modify these values, the values are overwritten with values from the application pool.

You cannot modify the type of desktop pool that a global desktop entitlement can contain.


Use the global entitlement configuration worksheet to record the attributes and policies to modify. See Worksheet for Configuring a Global Entitlement.


  1. Log in to the Horizon Administrator user interface for any Connection Server instance in the pod federation.
  2. In Horizon Administrator, select Catalog > Global Entitlements.
  3. Select the global entitlement and click Edit, or double-click the global entitlement and click Edit on the Summary tab.
  4. Modify the global entitlement attributes and policies.

    Use the configuration information that you gathered in the global entitlement configuration worksheet.

  5. Click OK to save your changes.