Use the Horizon Console to delete a JMP assignment.

When a JMP assignment is deleted, the Horizon pool entitlement, AppStack assignment, and UEM entitlement associated with the JMP assignment are deleted. However, if the Horizon pool entitlement or AppStack assignment used by the JMP assignment existed before the JMP assignment creation, they are not deleted. After you delete a JMP assignment, it no longer applies to users or desktops.


  • Verify that the pre-requisites listed in Administering JMP Assignments have been met.

  • The JMP assignment you plan to delete must not be in a "Pending" state.


  1. In Horizon Console, click Assignments (JMP).
  2. In the JMP Assignments pane, select one or more of the JMP assignments and click Delete.
  3. In the confirmation dialog box, click Delete to confirm that you want to delete the assignment permanently.


If successful, the Horizon pool entitlement is removed from the JMP database and removed from the list in the JMP Assignments pane.

If a part of the delete operation fails, the JMP assignment is not deleted. Clicking the status indicators can provide more information on why the delete operation failed.