If you need to add another Active Directory domain after setting the initial one, use the Horizon Console.


  1. In Horizon Console, click Settings (JMP).
  2. Click the Active Directory tab and click Add.
  3. In the NETBIOS Name text box, select from the list of available NetBIOS domain names.

    The DNS Domain Name and Context text boxes are updated with default values.

  4. In the DNS Domain Name text field, verify the default value added after the NETBIOS Name was updated. Optionally, enter another fully qualified Active Directory domain name. For example, mycompany.com.
  5. In the Protocol section, select the protocol used by your Active Directory.
  6. In the Bind Username and Bind Password text fields, enter the credentials for the Bind Distinguished Name (DN) user account, such as Administrator.
  7. Modify the value in the Context text field, if you want to use a value different from the default.
  8. (Optional) Click Advanced Properties and modify the default Port number value.

    The default Port value is based on the protocol you selected earlier. You can modify the Port value or leave the text field blank.

  9. In the Domain Controller text field, optionally enter one or more host names or IP addresses to use for handling the Active Directory traffic.
  10. Click Save.


Information about the newly added Active Directory domain appears in the Active Directory table.