Use Horizon Console if you must delete an existing Active Directory (AD) domain settings information.

You can only delete information about a registered Active Directory domain from a JMP setting if that domain is not in use by any existing JMP assignments.


  1. In Horizon Console, click Settings (JMP).
  2. Click the Active Directory tab.
  3. Select the table row for the Active Directory domain that you want to delete from JMP Settings.
  4. In the delete confirmation dialog box appears, read the message and click Delete to confirm that you do want to delete this Active Directory domain information.


If there are no JMP assignments that use the Active Directory domain, it is removed.

If the Active Directory domain is in use by any JMP assignment, a warning dialog box appears. The warning message includes the list of JMP assignments that are using the Active Directory domain. You can delete the domain information only after you remove it from the JMP assignments or delete those JMP assignments that use it.