You can set up a hybrid cloud deployment for Horizon 7 if you have existing on-premises Horizon 7 infrastructure and need to expand capacity but don't wish to procure additional hardware. Extending Horizon 7 workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS enables you to use cloud capacity for Horizon 7 workloads, while managing on-premises and VMware Cloud deployments in a single federated space.



  1. On one Connection Server, initialize Cloud Pod Architecture and join the Connection Server to a pod federation. See, Link Horizon 7 on VMware Cloud on AWS with Horizon 7 on Premises For more information on how to set up Cloud Pod Architecture, see the Administering Cloud Pod Architecture in Horizon 7 document.
  2. For easy sharing of images and ISOs, you can use the vCenter Content Library on each vCenter Server.
  3. On each Connection Server, create a desktop pool of full virtual machines with CBRC disabled. For more information on how to create a desktop pool of full virtual machines, see the Setting Up Virtual Desktops in Horizon 7 document.

What to do next

  • Use Horizon Client to start a desktop configured with the VMware Blast, PCoIP, or RDP display protocol.